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Major Releases of Coffee Grinding Equipment for the Home in 2023

New home coffee grinders 2023

Technology in higher-end grinders for the home took substantial strides forward in 2023.

Many of the new advancements are relate to the continued trend of single-dose grinding, as manufacturers seek to accommodate users’ desires from dose to dose such as different coffees or even brew methods. 

Among the most notable trends in 2023 was adjustable burr RPM, whereby users can adjust the speed of the burrs. More designs also sought to provide quick and easy access to the burrs for cleaning out any cross-contamination when switching coffees, or even to swap in different sets of compatible burrs for different brew methods. 

Of course, grinder manufacturers maintained their eternal fight against grinds retention, which is especially important in single-dosing applications. In 2023, some grinder makers presented novel mechanical solutions for mitigating static that causes retention, or for freeing up stuck grounds after the fact. 

As we continue our 2023 Year in Review, here is a range of new grinding equipment that launched for home users.

Fellow Follows Ode Gen 2 with the Opus Conical Burr Grinder


Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Along the unimpeded downward journey from the 110-gram-capacity hopper to the magnetically centered receptacle, coffees are crunched by what Fellow is calling C6-40 Burly Burrs, a set of 6-pointed, 40-millimeter steel conical burrs. The inner cone Burly is spun at 350 RPM with 6 Nm of torque. The machine includes the same anti-static mechanism found in the new Ode… read more

Technivorm Moccamaster Brews its First Burr Grinder, the KM5


Technivorm KM5. Courtesy photo.

Underneath a 9-ounce-capacity hopper — composed of plastic that is free of BPA, BPF, BPS or phthalates — the home-focused KM5 is centered around a horizontal pair of flat 50-millimeter hardened steel burrs spun at 1,350 RPM by a 310-watt motor… read more

Acaia Unveiling a Grinder Static Neutralizer Called the Ion Beam


Acaia Ion Beam. Courtesy photo.

The Ion Beam is an ion generator that produces negative ions from its front end and positive ions from the back. The purpose is to minimize static electricity in coffee grounds that have built up either a positive or negative charge during grinding, depending on factors such as the coffee’s roast level, the style of grinder and atmospheric conditions… read more

A Closer Look at the Timemore Grinder Line that Fetched Nearly $5 Million on Kickstarter


Timemore Sculptor 064 (right) and 078 grinders. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

The Turbo burrs take a hybrid approach to their cutting geometry by partially incorporating a nubby tooth shape akin to what is found on “ghost” burrs, which are designed to reduce fines for better non-espresso brews. The more conventional flat burr designs, meanwhile, are made to accommodate the finer grinds necessary for espresso, while also offering high uniformity for pourover and other methods of brewing… read more

Taiwan-Based Mx. Cool Comes in Hot with Aries Grinder and Katze Scale


The Mx. Cool Aries grinder. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

A brushless 200-watt motor spins the 83-millimeter, titanium-coated conical burrs within a user-adjustable speed range of 90-150 RPM. The grinder’s inner cone burr is held by an internal hook system similar to a buckle and can be quick-released by hand for easy access and cleaning, while a locking mechanism preserves the grinder’s settings and alignment… read more

Comandante’s New C60 and X25 Trailmaster Grinders Command Attention


Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Satisfied with the C40’s build quality and the cup quality, Comandante literally looked inward for inspiration for the C60 design. Within the same exterior dimensions as the C40, the C60 offers a wider grinding surface area inside, with more teeth on its ring burr to break more beans at once… read more

La Marzocco Introduces the Pico Home Espresso Grinder

La Marzocco Pico

La Marzocco Pico grinder. Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

The Pico’s straight-through grind path and other details are designed to minimize static and retention for dosing accuracy, as well as to minimize cross-contamination when changing coffees. The hopper features an iris-like mechanism that closes automatically when lifted from the grinder body. The feature allows for the switching of hoppers loaded with different coffees… read more

Gevi Launching the GrindMaster Prosumer Grinder


Courtesy photo

Pitched by the Hong Kong-based company as suitable for either home or commercial cafe use, the GrindMaster is a single-dose, variable-speed coffee grinder that joins a crowded field of machines centered on 64-millimeter flat burrs… read more