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20 Major Launches in 2023 for Manual, Drip and Espresso at Home

New Home Coffee Equipment 2023

For people interested in new equipment for brewing coffee at home, 2023 saw a fascinating mix of all-new devices and novel updates to long-established forms and methods.

Classics such as the ibrik, the South Indian filter, Chemex and stovetop moka pot were all reinvented in some way, while striving to meet contemporary standards for precision and quality.  Among newer types of manual brewers, the recent trend in “zero bypass” brewing saw multiple new entrants in 2023.

Meanwhile, for both filter brew and espresso preparation, home brewers were presented a range of options for data collection and automation, reflecting the broader movement towards technology in coffee making.

We still have several reports in the works. Stay tuned for upcoming DCN stories on late-2023 releases such as the Slingshot Chalice dosing and distribution tool, the Barista Hustle Autocomb WDT tool, and a unique manual brewing device by Weber Workshops called Bird.

Continuing our 2023 Year in Review, here’s a look back at some exciting developments in home espresso and drip coffee brewing.

Home Drip and Manual Brewing Equipment


The Cupping Brewer. Courtesy photo.

The Cupping Brewer Blooms Anew

The Cupping Brewer has been reintroduced with new branding, upgraded materials and a standalone websiteread more

Goat Story’s Otto Brewer is a Contemporary Take on Turkish Coffee

Slovenian coffee equipment and accessory maker Goat Story has looked inward for inspiration for its latest product, a large and modernized ibrik brewer called the Otto… read more

The Chemex ChemAer Swirls Into the Home Brewer Market

Maintaining the general shape, brewing style and borosilicate glass construction of the original Chemex brewer, the ChemAer adds a pair of molded interior paddles to its lower containment area designed to promote turbulence for aeration… read more

Equipment Brand Native Design Launches with Brewers, Tampers and More

The freshly launched website for Native Design showcases the brand’s original products alongside a selection equipment that it distributes. The company is currently the exclusive United States distributor of The Netherlands-born Superkop manual espresso machineread more


The Aramse Sofi 72. Courtesy photo.

Aramse’s Sofi 72 Modernizes the Classic South Indian Filter Brewer

Remaining true to the traditional South Indian filter brewer format, the Sofi 72 introduces standardized specifications and precision-focused manufacturing of stainless steel, while offering a few subtle but impactful design tweaks to the classic form… read more

Ceado Jumps Into Brewing Through the Hoop Manual Brewer

Water added to the Hoop’s outer ring seeps through 12 holes around the circumference of the inner cylinder for a “soft lateral infusion” that occurs at a consistent rate, without any special pouring technique from the barista, according to the company… read more

Balmuda The Brew Makes US Debut

With a price tag of $699, Balmuda’s The Brew takes a novel approach to automatic single-cup brewing, performing a bypass brew rather than a straightforward pourover-style drip brew… read more


Cerapotta. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Porous Ceramic Filtration Gets Finer with the Cerapotta

With a proprietary composition and distinctive shape, the Cerapotta porous ceramic coffee filter is made using Hasami porcelain manufacturing techniques… read more

Hark! Fellow Launches the Tally Pro Precision Scale

Drawing upon the established aesthetic of Fellow’s popular electric gooseneck Stagg pourover kettles, the Tally Pro scale offers three modes of operation: Weight Mode; Timer Mode; and an innovative Brew Assist Mode… read more

Pulsar is the New Star of the NextLevel Brewer Line

While accommodating steeped brewing, the Pulsar also allows users to adjust flow throughout the brew. For example, users may experiment with reducing the flow while using a coarser grind… read more

Miir Reimagines the Classics with New Standard Coffee Brewing Line

The set of products includes an all-metal Chemex-style multi-cup manual pourover brewer and server called the New Standard Carafe, and an optionally accompanying digital coffee scale. Additional products in the New Standard line include a gooseneck kettle and steaming pitchers, while a moka pot and French press are on the way to consumers… read more


AeroPress XL. Courtesy photo.

AeroPress Pumps Up the Volume with the AeroPress XL

The AeroPress company has launched sales of the AeroPress XL, a new model of the immersion-plus-pressure brewer that has twice the capacity of the original while maintaining the signature smoked plastic material and overall form… read more

The Hario Pegasus Manual Brewer Takes Flight

Available now in Japan and rolling out soon to Hario’s international subsidiaries, the Pegasus brewer is not Hario’s first trapezoidal brewer, but it is the only one currently in production, and it’s the first to include the V60’s hallmark 24 spiraling interior ridges… read more

The DiFluid Brew Control System Digitizes Coffee from Roast to Cup

The complete suite of DiFluid products is designed to quantify the roast level, grind and dose of coffee, the flow and volume of water added while brewing, and the refractive index and TDS of the finished brew. Users can provide the info on the provenance of the beans… read more


The Hiraku V60 Smart Brewer from Hiroia. Courtesy photo.

Hiroia’s Hikaru V60 Smart Coffee Brewer is Making the Rounds

The new Hikaru boasts similar under-the-hood technology as the Samantha II, yet with features and controls designed specifically for home use. A conical glass Hario V60 brewer is included with the new machine… read more

Home Espresso Equipment


Weber Moonraker. Courtesy photo.

Weber Workshops Launches Moonraker WDT Tool in the Espresso Space

As a mechanized alternative to the handheld style of WDT tool, as well as those that rest atop a portafilter baskets with an array of fixed needles that travel in circles, the Moonraker is a basket-top tool containing a system of gears that moves its needles in non-circular, spirographic paths… read more

The Time Has Come for Epoch Manual Espresso Machines

Among the Epoch’s notable features are subtle mechanical pressure indicators that serve as functional and attractive alternatives to the kinds of round gauges found throughout the espresso equipment world… read more

1st Line and Torre Introduce Machine with Adjustable Steam Boiler Capacity

The water-capacity feature on the Torre Peppina represents a departure from most steam boiler systems, which are typically built to adhere to a single non-adjustable factory-set capacity range… read more


A La Marzocco Linea Mini with the built-in Brew-By-Weight Scale. Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

La Marzocco and Acaia Launch Brew-By-Weight Scale for Linea Mini

Data from the scale, which is essentially a custom variation of Acaia’s existing Lunar scale with La Marzocco firmware, triggers the espresso machines to stop shots automatically based on weight in the cup… read more

Carhartt WIP and Rocket Espresso Collaborate for Limited-Release Machine

Italian espresso machine maker Rocket Espresso and Carhartt WIP have collaborated for a limited-edition collection that includes an espresso machine, grinder and apparel… read more.